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AEC Magazine Review: BOXX APEXX 2 + renderPRO 2

  • On September 25, 2016

Work as well as Render

AEC Magazine recently reviewed Boxx‘s two top selling products – The quiet and compact APEXX 2 workstation featuring support for optional overclocked processors, eight-core processors (for increased rendering power), and two full-length professional GPUs and the incredible RenderPRO 2, their most versatile rendering sidekick, configurable with up to two Intel XEON processors for a total of 28 cores (56 threads), which lets you render while you work without buying the farm.

“By dedicating a high GHz workstation to CAD and a dual Xeon box to rendering, designers can have optimised hardware for both processes. The workflow benefits can be huge, but the package doesn’t come cheap” – Greg Corke

They bring forth one of the most challenging decisions that any Architectural Visualiser has to address – How fast can I work in my CAD software? And how fast can I render the scene? This is the question that this combination addresses. Since most of the major tasks in any CAD software are single threaded, the Apexx 2 workstation is ideal for creating the scenes. On the other hand, since Rendering is essentially a multi-threaded process and consumes full system resources, handing it over to the RenderPRO 2 not only gets the work done faster but also frees up the workstation for an uninterrupted design process.

The review goes into great detail about the system configuration and technical features of each machine and gives us an in-depth knowledge regarding the utility of this combination in a CAD based Design and Visualization environment. It also covers the basic workflow of the simple yet effective Rendering pipeline between the Apexx 2 workstation with the RenderPRO 2. They also went to great lengths by actually conducting render tests using V-Ray for Revit and Mental Ray for 3dsMax.


To read the full review, go to the AEC Magazine review page. Here I am quoting their conclusion –

“Dedicating individual machines for CAD work and rendering makes perfect sense if design visualisation forms a critical part of your architectural design workflow. The BOXX APEXX 2 desktop workstation is a hugely impressive machine for high-end CAD and, by off-loading the CPU intensive tasks to the renderPRO, you can ensure almost all of its high-frequency CPU resources remain dedicated to modelling performance.”

Source – AEC Magazine


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