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Boxx’s Apexx 4 Workstation

  • On October 11, 2016

APEXX 4 for CPU and GPU rendering

Boxx’s Apexx 4 is their most versatile PC platform for both CPU and GPU rendering. It performs rendering and simulation tasks with amazing ease. It comes with up to two Intel Xeon processors and 44 cores (88 threads) – or a single, overclocked Intel Core i7 processor and also offers maximum memory and up to four full-length NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. Delivering rock solid performance and stability, APEXX 4 is the premiere workstation for single-threaded applications AND rendering/simulation tasks!

Apexx 4

APEXX 4 6102
Featuring an overclocked 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with 4 cores, the APEXX 4 Model 6102 is the premiere workstation for running GPU centric applications.

APEXX 4 7203
GPU dense, single socket, ten core, Intel Core i7 workstation delivers rock solid performance for single-threaded applications.

APEXX 4 7403
Overclocked eight-core CPU and up to four GPUs deliver powerful performance for single-threaded applications and rendering/simulation.

APEXX 4 7404
Overclocked ten-core CPU and up to four GPUs deliver powerful performance for single-threaded applications and rendering/simulation.

APEXX 4 7902
Dual Intel Xeon processors (up to 44 cores), up to three GPUs, and maximum memory for powerhouse application performance and unparalleled rendering/simulation.

Apexx 4

APEXX 4 is highly configurable and offers a wide range of configuration options. If your workflow demands dozens of CPU cores, it has  up to 44 Intel Xeon cores in a single workstation. If your applications benefit from higher CPU frequencies, configure it with a safely overclocked Intel Core i7 processor delivering maximum performance for CAD applications. It also supports amazing GPU density and takes advantage of up to four full-size GPUs and breeze through complex rendering and simulation. It can be configured to be a powerful rendering workstation for all your software needs.

Key Features

Overclocked Advantage

When configuring an APEXX 4 workstation, you have the option to safely overclock the CPU. For single-threaded applications like CAD design and 3D modeling, this can have a significant impact on your workflow and productivity.Working with our partners at Intel, combined with our own rigorous internal testing, ensures rock solid reliability and performance on each overclocked APEXX workstation. This translates to measurable ROI for your business.

Enterprise Class Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling, a standard feature on all BOXX PC workstations, is rated at 50,000 MTBF and derived from the same technology designed for mission-critical data centers. By providing optimal management of the processors’ heat output, BOXX liquid cooling keeps your workstation cool and quiet, ensuring long-term stability and performance.

Quiet Is Cool, Cool Is Reliable

APEXX 4 workstations take advantage of up to five Sanyo Denki ball bearing fans which draw cool air in through a front grill and removable filter. This airflow system limits dust and other particles while cooling the GPU and heat exchanger for the CPU. Selected for their performance and low acoustic profile, Sanyo Denki fans are recognized as the most reliable system fans in the world.

To get more details about the configuration of each workstation, do visit their APEXX 4 website.

Source – Boxx


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