Today, the draw towards visual mediums has grown incredibly, so it is no surprise that the role of videos in achieving organization objectives has also expanded at the same time. EIZO®, a leading global manufacturer of high-end specialized display solutions for over 50 years, catering to medical, security, corporate, professional photographers, and more, wanted to find an appealing visual platform for their new corporate UK office that would also reflect their own visual philosophy. They were looking for a video wall-type solution that would provide both employees and guests with a welcoming, engaging atmosphere.

Easy choice

After several discussions on the type of multi-monitor video wall solution that would be most suitable for them, EIZO decided to techorate the lobby in their brand new UK head office located in Berkshire, by installing a large artistic video wall. With their technology manager Dave Hadden’s expertise, EIZO homed-in on the Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ multi-display controllers almost immediately as it was made available in the market. “The timing was perfect,” says Hadden. “Other options were either very expensive or overly complex for our needs, and we almost settled for a uniformly laid out video wall—until we heard of the Quadhead2Go.”

Seamless setup

For maximum impact, EIZO elected to install an artistic video wall in a spaced-out, non-rectangular, creative 6×2 arrangement. EIZO started by conveniently securing 12 of their own monitors, and then sourced a video wall controller system featuring a single Matrox C680 six-output graphics card and three Matrox QuadHead2Go cards. Each QuadHead2Go card connects to one of the three 3K x 3K outputs from the C680 graphics card for its input video source, and drives four displays apiece. A total of 12 EIZO ColorEdge CG2420 and ColorEdge CG319X monitors, arranged in both portrait and landscape in a random, spaced-out form, provide a natural, welcoming setting. In spite of dealing with different types of monitors, with diverse resolutions and aspect ratios, EIZO was able to set up the video wall in an effortless, trouble-free installation.

Picture perfect

During a trial setup, the same video content of colorful flowers was cloned and displayed on all 12 monitors. “This was impressive enough,” says Hadden, “but we decided to lay it out with different parts of the video playing on each monitor, making it appear like one giant screen of creative video content, with moss growing in between, resulting in the video wall looking spectacular.” EIZO achieved the desired display wall effect by customizing the configuration using the intuitive Matrox PowerWall™ software that is included with QuadHead2Go. The well-laid-out software allowed them to easily set custom resolutions on the output and scale to their preference.

A welcome sight

The new video wall in the reception provides the wow factor that EIZO aspired to elicit. Customers and visitors entering the lobby are instantly attracted and impressed with the distinctly-designed video wall arrangement.

Hadden says, “The end goal for EIZO was to have a striking digital signage and we achieved it easily, quickly, and within budget. Our decision to use Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers and Matrox multi-display video wall technology was the right one.”