GIGABYTE is an engineer, visionary, and leader in the world of HPC and AI computing tech, providing businesses with servers, data center equipment, and professional workstations to accelerate customer success. GIGABYTE has been renowned for over 30 years for its industry leadership and award-winning excellence in the design, development, and manufacturing of motherboards, graphics cards, and server systems. In partnership with tech giants such as AMD, Ampere, Broadcom, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and many others, GIGABYTE offers endless possibilities of system configuration and performance achievement.




Located in our Mediasys-Dubai office, the HPC Test Lab will consist of a wide range of CPU and GPU compute servers which can be flexibly configured, on demand, to offer testing capabilities for end applications and workloads.

The joint objective of MediaSys and GIGABYTE is to offer the lab as a regional hub for technology proof-of-concept and project validation for our customers, ensuring the best possible experience in choosing the right solution for you.

GIGABYTE supports the latest tech components and platforms to enable the lab experience

AI Platform

Processing power, large amounts of data, fast networking

A design that supports high-density accelerators and is compatible with various AI frameworks allows for these servers to work efficiently and intelligently to ensure the better use of AI practices by scientists and developers

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HPC Server

Processing power, large amounts of data, fast networking

Designed to accommodate a large volume of diversified CPUs and components in terms of electrical delivery and heat dissipation. These servers are the vital element to build a supercomputer that contains thousands of cores working in parallel.

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Storage Server

Capacity, reliability, and storage flexibility

Designed to accommodate an incredible volume of hard drives and to be compatible with modern storage software. These servers are fundamental in constructing storage arrays via ultra high speed networks.

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Tower Server / Workstation

customize and expand as needs change

Deliver simplicity, versatility and high performance for animation studios, and software developers in an office environment. By getting rid of size limitations, these affordable servers also provide a high capability for future expansion.

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Direct Liquid cooling

Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency

Thermal limitations are pushed aside as Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) achieves greater cooling performance by transferring the heat to a liquid that is swept away. Doing so, data centers can increase compute/rack and achieve higher energy efficiency.

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Advanced COOLING

Liberating the Max Potential of Your Data Center with the Minimal Business Expense

Overcoming the challenges of today's hiking power consumption in data centers with optimized operation stability and PUE by implementing servers designed for cooling methods that fit your IT strategy, from air, liquid, to immersion.

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