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V-Ray for SketchUp

  • On October 4, 2016

Professional Rendering For Architects & Designers

In recent times SketchUp has become the go-to software for creating quick 3D models that is easy to learn and incredibly fun to use. Keeping up with the requirements of the industry, ChaosGroup released a version of their multi-award winning render engine V-Ray for the hugely popular SketchUp. This is not just a modified version of the renderer from other Applications like 3dsMax or Maya. In fact, it is a fully featured, fully functional version specifically released for SketchUp.


V-Ray for SketchUp comes with all the lighting, shading, and rendering tools you need to create professional, photoreal imagery and animations. Built to handle your toughest projects and biggest scenes, it gives you the power to render anything and everything in SketchUp. Spend less time waiting and more time being creative, and deliver your best work without missing a deadline. It puts you in control while its versatile feature set lets you pick the best approach for your scene. It is seamlessly integrated into SketchUp, so your workflow is fluid and smooth. It has become an Industry standard as top artists & designers use it every day to create world-class images and designs.

V-Ray for SketchUp

It’s Key Features include:

Powerful professional rendering
Render high-quality, high-resolution images and animations.

Interactive lighting, materials & rendering
Fine tune lights and materials interactively while you render.

Global illumination
Create photoreal interiors with powerful and fast global illumination methods.

Accurate lights
Render natural and artificial lighting with a wide range of light types, shapes and controls.

Environment lighting
Light scenes using a single high-dynamic-range (HDR) environment image.

Physical sun & sky
Simulate realistic daylight scenarios for any time and any location.

Real-world cameras
Work like a photographer with real-world camera controls for exposure, white balance, depth of field and more.

Physical materials
Create great looking materials that look exactly like the real thing.

Proxy objects
Add highly-detailed models like grass, trees and cars as V-Ray proxy objects.

Distributed rendering
Use the full power of multiple computers working together to render a single image.

To see more details and to try V-Ray for SketchUp go to their website.

Source – ChaosGroup


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