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Established in 1999, Sitni Sati swiftly made a name in VFX software development. They introduced FumeFX, a standout CG fluid dynamics system, celebrated for its speed and flexibility. By consistently enhancing its software and embracing the latest technology, Sitni Sati has effectively blurred the line between reality and CG imagery.

Their software has left an indelible mark on major films like Thor, Suckerpunch, Skyline, 2012, Percy Jackson, X-Men: Wolverine, Iron Man, Armageddon, Matrix Reloaded, and more. In the dynamic world of VFX, Sitni Sati remains a trailblazer, dedicated to continuous innovation and excellence.

FumeFX 6 For 3ds Max

FumeFX 6 is a user-friendly 3ds Max plug-in that combines fluid dynamics with a simple node-based system. It handles particles, ropes, rigid and soft bodies, inflatable soft bodies, voxel grid manipulation, and more. With over 140 ready-to-use nodes, artists can efficiently create diverse visual effects directly within FumeFX. The modern node-based workflow allows flexible control of simulations and cache modifications, opening up endless creative possibilities. Plus, artists can seamlessly use Arnold points, splines, instances, volumes, custom channels, and procedurals for added versatility.

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FumeFX 6 For Cinema 4D

FumeFX, a robust fluid dynamics plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D, excels in simulating and rendering realistic fire, smoke, explosions, and other gaseous phenomena. Praised for its unmatched capability to capture the subtleties and complexities of fluid gas behavior, it is the top choice for visual effects artists, game developers, visualization professionals, and anyone seeking the highest level of realism in their work.


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