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NVIDIA Quadro RTX A2000


The NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 brings the cutting-edge NVIDIA RTX technology to professional workstations, boasting a robust, sleek design. Elevate your work processes with the capability for real-time ray tracing and enhanced AI acceleration, enabling the creation of lifelike visual concepts, utilization of AI-powered applications, and immersive exploration in compelling VR settings. Backed by leading creative and design software, the potential of RTX technology becomes readily available to you. In the realm of professional graphics solutions, Nvidia has consistently been a trailblazer. The Quadro RTX A2000 is no exception. Built upon the Turing architecture, it seamlessly integrates ray tracing capabilities and AI-enhanced workflows to deliver breathtaking visuals and unparalleled computational power. Due to its Low Form Factor, you can add multiple Graphics cards into a system to harness the power of the RTX A2000. Contact us to buy  NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 in the UAE.


GPU FeaturesNVIDIA RTX A2000 | A2000 12GB
GPU Memory6 GB | 12 GB GDDR6 with error-correction code (ECC)
Display Ports4x mini DisplayPort 1.4
Max Power Consumption70 W
Graphics BusPCI Express Gen 4 x 16
Form Factor2.7” (H) x 6.6” (L) Dual Slot
VR ReadyYes

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture-Based CUDA Cores

Enhance graphics and computational tasks using CUDA Cores based on the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture. Experience up to double the performance in single-precision floating point (FP32) operations compared to the previous generation, speeding up both graphics and computing workflows.

Second Generation Ray Tracing Cores

Create more precise and faster visual renders using hardware-accelerated motion blur, achieving up to twice the speed in ray-tracing performance compared to the previous generation, enhancing overall rendering efficiency.

Third Generation Tensor Cores

Enhance the performance of AI-powered applications, introducing advanced functionalities such as AI denoising, DLSS, and other cutting-edge features into graphics workflows, boosting their capabilities significantly.

VRAM and Memory Bandwidth

The Quadro RTX A2000 efficiently manages extensive datasets thanks to its dedicated video memory. Its high memory bandwidth allows smooth handling of detailed 3D models and textures, crucial for professionals working on intricate projects. Drive graphics and compute-intensive tasks using either 6 or 12 GB of GDDR6 memory with ECC, marking the first availability of ECC memory in this GPU class.

Low Profile, Dual Slot Form Factor

Crafted to seamlessly integrate into standard PCIe slots, this graphics card boasts compatibility with an extensive array of workstations. Its adaptable nature renders it accessible to professionals across diverse domains. Utilize its power-efficient design that perfectly fits into various workstation chassis.

PCIe Express Gen 4

Enhance data-transfer speeds from CPU memory for highly data-intensive tasks by harnessing the capabilities of PCI Express Gen 4, aiming to further increase performance.

The Nvidia Quadro RTX A2000 stands as a testament to Nvidia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of professional graphics. Its fusion of technological prowess, exceptional performance, and cross-industry applicability cements its place as a game-changing tool for professionals who demand nothing but the best.


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