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GridVue is a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly video wall management software solution. Its intuitive interface simplifies the control of both GridVue and Matrox video walls, making it accessible to all. GridVue comes in three versions: Standard, Advanced, and Premium, each enabling easy routing of various video sources to the video wall. Additionally, it offers a unique feature for assigning custom roles to users in control rooms, collaborative spaces, and diverse applications. GridVue is highly regarded as a top choice in the market for video wall management software, delivering exceptional value while maintaining top-notch performance and user-friendliness.

Any Content, Anywhere

GridVue’s video wall management solutions give you access to your content and sources regardless of where it is originating from. Their IP-integrated systems allow a multitude of input sources to be captured and distributed across your organization. Multiple users and managers can easily connect and manage a wide range of sources, and simultaneously view, share, and interact with the data on a video wall or other displays. 

Reliable Solutions

GridVue constantly tests its integrated software and hardware solutions to ensure optimal reliability in any environment. With over 20 years of experience, we are equipped to handle the unique challenges of any installation, especially in mission-critical environments such as government, military, and security control rooms.

User Friendly

The GridVue software offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, powerful features for content display and sharing, and real-time collaboration with other users. It also allows for easy control through tablet and phone interfaces.

Web-Based Management

You can run and control your video wall from any normal web browser without installing extra software. Also enables you to use it on any device regardless of platform.

User Management

Create users and assign permissions and restrictions to each user. Divide your large video wall into multiple sections to assign areas to different users.

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Maevex Integration

You can now use GridVue software to manage Maevex encoder/decoder devices. GridVue also allows you to decode and display the content on the video wall. 

Source Management

Position, scale, clone, crop, label, and color code input sources.

Video Over IP

Video Over IP distribution using the Maevex integration.

Quick Access buttons

Quick Access buttons to repeat frequently used functions.

Dark Mode

Ideal in 24/7 operating control rooms.

Layout Management

Create, save, rename, schedule, copy, and delete layouts.

Preview sources

Preview sources before placing them on the video wall.

Active Directory

Active Directory integration and retrieve logs of all actions.

Wall Management

Manage multiple video walls from one place.

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