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NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 ADA Generation

48GB GDDR6 with error-correcting code (ECC)

The NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Generation has the features, capabilities, and performance to meet professional workflow challenges. NVIDIA built the RTX 6000 on the Ada Lovelace GPU architecture. It has third-generation RT Cores, fourth-generation Tensor Cores, and next-gen CUDA cores. It also has 48GB of graphics memory. This combination gives it exceptional rendering, AI, graphics, and compute performance. NVIDIA RTX 6000-powered workstations can help you succeed in today’s tough business environment.


GPU FeaturesNVIDIA RTX 6000
GPU Memory48GB GDDR6 with error-correcting code (ECC)
Display Ports4x DisplayPort 1.4*
Max Power Consumption300 W
Graphics BusPCIe Gen 4 x 16
Form Factor4.4” (H) x 10.5” (L) dual slot
vGPU Software SupportNVIDIA vPC/vApps, NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation
vGPU Profiles SupportedSee the Virtual GPU Licensing Guide
VR ReadyYes

Powered by the Nvidia ADA Lovelace Architecture

The Nvidia RTX 6000 ADA Generation showcases an advanced GPU architecture, harnessing the latest innovations to achieve exceptional performance. Engineered to excel in rendering lifelike graphics and elevating computational capabilities, its architecture introduces double-speed processing for single-precision floating point (FP32) operations. This enhancement significantly boosts performance, especially in graphics-intensive tasks and complex workflows like 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) on desktop platforms.

Precision Crafted - Third Generation Ray Tracing Cores

The third-generation RT Cores, offering up to twice the throughput compared to their predecessors, bring substantial enhancements to various workloads. These include tasks such as photorealistic rendering for movie content, architectural design assessments, and virtual prototyping of product designs. This upgraded technology notably expedites the rendering of ray-traced motion blur, providing superior visual precision and accuracy in the final output.

Boost AI Performance with Fourth Generation Tensor Cores

The fourth-generation Tensor Cores redefine AI computing speed, offering over twice the performance compared to the prior generation. These advanced Cores facilitate accelerated computation of the FP8 precision data type and feature independent paths for floating-point and integer data, significantly expediting mixed calculations. The exceptional AI capabilities of the Nvidia RTX 6000 ADA Generation are a standout feature. By integrating AI technologies, it not only enhances gaming but also revolutionizes industries like healthcare, finance, and automotive. This integration enables swift data processing and analysis, transforming workflows across diverse sectors.


Equipped with a substantial 48GB GDDR6 memory capacity, the RTX 6000 empowers data scientists, engineers, and creative professionals with an extensive memory reservoir essential for managing colossal datasets and intricate workloads. This expansive memory not only facilitates rendering tasks but also enables seamless handling of data science projects and complex simulations. The ample memory allocation provided by the RTX 6000 is instrumental in supporting these professionals across various industries to conduct in-depth analyses, simulations, and creative endeavors, ensuring unparalleled performance and efficiency in their workflows.

Virtualization Ready

The inclusion of support for NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software introduces a transformative capability, enabling a personal workstation to be reconfigured into numerous high-performance virtual workstation instances. This groundbreaking feature allows remote users to efficiently share resources, fostering collaborative environments for driving high-end design, AI development, and compute-intensive workloads. The utilization of this software not only facilitates resource sharing but also optimizes the utilization of workstation capabilities, ensuring enhanced productivity and versatility for professionals across diverse fields by providing access to robust computing resources.

Performance and Benchmarks

Benchmark assessments unveil the exceptional capabilities of the RTX 6000 ADA Generation, underscoring its proficiency in managing intensive tasks, high-resolution gaming, and intricate simulations. These accomplishments set an unprecedented benchmark for graphics performance within the industry. The inclusion of PCI Express Gen 4 support offers a significant advancement, doubling the bandwidth compared to PCIe Gen 3. This enhancement substantially bolsters data transfer speeds between CPU memory, particularly benefiting data-intensive operations like AI and data science, thereby optimizing overall performance for compute-heavy tasks.

Applications and Use Cases

The Nvidia RTX 6000 ADA showcases an exceptional level of adaptability, catering to professionals in diverse sectors. It aids architects, engineers, and designers in their CAD endeavors, supports scientific research initiatives, enhances the quality of healthcare imaging, assists in content creation, facilitates financial modelling tasks, and contributes to the advancement of AI development. Furthermore, its capabilities extend to gaming and virtual reality applications, emphasizing its significance as a versatile and comprehensive solution addressing high-performance computing requirements across various industries and sectors.

In conclusion, the Nvidia RTX 6000 ADA Generation signifies a remarkable milestone in GPU innovation, marking the apex of the RTX series. Integrating cutting-edge Ada Lovelace architecture, third-gen RT Cores, fourth-gen Tensor Cores, and substantial 48GB graphics memory, it sets a peerless standard in graphics processing performance. Its versatility spans industries, empowering professionals in design, engineering, and healthcare while revolutionizing AI capabilities across sectors like finance and automotive. The GPU’s adaptability to gaming and virtual reality further underscores its significance in diverse high-performance computing needs. Ultimately, the RTX 6000 ADA stands as a testament to groundbreaking innovation, reshaping performance benchmarks in graphics technology.

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