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Massive Software was initially created for implementation in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The successful application of this technology led to the establishment of Massive Software, which has since been instrumental in bringing this innovative technology to film and television productions worldwide. Today, Massive Software stands as the leading software for crowd-related visual effects and independent character animation. Mediasys is the authorized distributors of Massive in UAE. 


Ambient Agent

Put a variety of backgroundund activities in a plaza, a shopping center, or a street cafe, such as people strolling, chatting, using their phones, etc.

Mayhem Agent

Provoke riots, protests, mass panic, and disaster scenes to create public disorder.

Horse and Rider Agent

Massive Horse and Rider Agent makes motion-captured horse and rider performances available for use in your productions.

Locomotion Agent

There are tons of transitions and variations to walking, jogging, and running. Ready To Run Agents may be just what the world needs.

Combat Sword Agent

There's nothing like the Combat Sword Agent to create an epic battle with actual fighting.

Stadium Agent

The stadium filling agents cover everything from quiet watching to frantic clapping and cheering.

Massive for Maya

Remember that mind-blowing film sequence, with hundreds of thousands of characters seamlessly dominating the screen? That’s no longer just a far-off dream. Thanks to the groundbreaking technology behind Massive, creating those grand scenes is not only easier but more cost-effective than ever before. Now, this Academy award-winning film tech has stepped up its game, making it simpler and more affordable for anyone eager to dive into the world of cinematic mastery.

Simplifying the Game: Massive for Maya

The beauty of this new phase? Seamless integration with Maya. Picture this: all the tools, from terrain settings to agent groups and placement generators, fitting like hand-in-glove within Maya’s interface. The Outliner and Attribute Editor become your playground, with everything neatly laid out for effortless maneuvering.

Simplifying the Game: Massive for Maya

Imagine a scene with characters conversing while a third, let’s say a mouse, reacts. Using the Massive counterpart of the mouse, it responds to the scene in real-time. The talking characters influence their Massive counterparts, and even the mouse adjusts its actions based on the emotional cues of the talking characters.

With just a few clicks, setting up a shot using this technique becomes a walk in the park, with real-time results that seamlessly adapt to any changes in timing.

The possibilities are endless, and the innovation behind Massive for Maya is reshaping the landscape of film production. It’s not just about making complex technology simpler; it’s about making cinematic dreams more achievable than ever.


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