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NVIDIA Tesla A100 PCIe Tensor Core GPU


Nvidia has been a frontrunner in high-performance computing and AI with its innovative GPU solutions. The Nvidia Tesla A100 PCIe epitomizes this innovation, catering to data centers and AI-driven tasks with unmatched capabilities. This article explores the Nvidia Tesla A100 PCIe in-depth, covering its features, uses, advantages, and considerations. Powered by the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture, the A100 Tensor Core GPU brings a seismic shift, delivering up to 20 times higher performance compared to its forerunner. Its unique adaptability to split into seven GPU instances allows dynamic adjustments to varying computational needs. Notably, the A100 80GB version boasts the world’s fastest memory bandwidth, exceeding 2 terabytes per second (TB/s), making it an ideal choice for effortlessly handling large-scale models and datasets.




FP64 Tensor Core




Tensor Float 32 (TF32)

156 TFLOPS | 312 TFLOPS*

BFLOAT16 Tensor Core

312 TFLOPS | 624 TFLOPS*

FP16 Tensor Core

312 TFLOPS | 624 TFLOPS*

INT8 Tensor Core

624 TOPS | 1248 TOPS*

GPU Memory

40/80GB HBM2e

GPU Memory Bandwidth

1,935 GB/s

Max Thermal Design Power (TDP)


Multi-Instance GPU

Up to 7 MIGs @ 10GB

Form Factor

Dual-slot air-cooled or single-slot liquid-cooled


NVIDIA® NVLink® Bridge
for 2 GPUs: 600 GB/s **
PCIe Gen4: 64 GB/s

Server Options

Partner and NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ with 1-8 GPUs

The Marvel of Ampere Architecture

Central to the A100 PCIe’s dominion is the formidable Ampere architecture, a symphony of intricate design. Within its structure harmoniously blends Tensor Cores and Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology, unfurling a realm of potential that defies all precedent. This convergence breathes life into unprecedented capabilities, propelling AI and GPU-accelerated endeavors to extraordinary heights.

Elevated Performance with Third-Generation Ray Tracing Cores

NVIDIA’s A100 Tensor Cores deliver a remarkable 20X surge over Volta, backed by a 2X boost from mixed precision and FP16. Scaling to thousands of A100 GPUs becomes feasible with NVLink®, NVSwitch™, PCI Gen4, InfiniBand®, and Magnum IO™ SDK. 2,048 A100 GPUs set a BERT training record in under a minute. The A100 80GB triples throughput for tasks like DLRM over A100 40GB. NVIDIA’s MLPerf leadership solidifies its AI training excellence. A100 redefines inference, offering 2X performance. BERT achieves a 249X throughput increase over CPUs, and models like RNN-T see a 1.25X surge on A100 80GB’s expanded memory. NVIDIA’s 20X surge in MLPerf Inference reinforces its pioneering role.

Tensor Cores : The AI Powerhouse

Embedded at the core of A100 PCIe’s supremacy, Tensor Cores emerge as the driving engines of unparalleled AI excellence. Their lightning-fast matrix multiplication capabilities act as a dynamic catalyst, propelling both training and inference processes into realms of astonishing speed and efficiency. With each calculation, they unfurl the canvas of accelerated AI breakthroughs, painting a portrait of innovation that redefines the limits of what’s achievable.

Enterprises Embrace the A100 PCIe Advantage

A100 with MIG revolutionizes GPU-accelerated infrastructure utilization. A single A100 GPU morphs into seven independent instances through MIG, granting multiple users access to GPU acceleration. A100 40GB allocates 5GB per MIG instance, while A100 80GB’s expanded memory doubles it to 10GB. MIG seamlessly collaborates with Kubernetes, containers, and hypervisor-based server virtualization. This integration empowers infrastructure managers to provide aptly sized GPUs with assured quality of service (QoS) for each task. The result? Accelerated computing resources extend to every user, democratizing the realm of GPU-accelerated power.

High Performance Data Analytics

Data scientists face the challenge of turning massive datasets into insights. A100-accelerated servers offer not just compute power, but also massive memory, high bandwidth, and scalability through NVLink® and NVSwitch™. In tandem with InfiniBand, NVIDIA Magnum IO™, and RAPIDS™ suite, including the RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark, the NVIDIA data center platform delivers exceptional performance. A100 80GB shines, delivering a 2X increase over A100 40GB in big data analytics benchmarks, making it an ideal choice for emerging workloads with expanding datasets. 

Upto 80GB of HBM2e GPU Memory

The A100 PCIe raises the bar with its extraordinary performance leap, boasting up to 20 times higher computational power compared to its predecessors. This monumental Memory Marvel: The 80GB Milestone. Marking a significant milestone, the A100 PCIe 80GB version showcases the world’s fastest memory bandwidth, exceeding a staggering 2 terabytes per second. This unrivalled memory speed empowers the GPU to handle complex AI models and massive datasets effortlessly.

The Nvidia Tesla A100 PCIe embodies a revolutionary leap in the realm of AI and high-performance computing, reshaping the technological landscape with its unparalleled capabilities. With its potent blend of the Ampere architecture, Tensor Cores, and Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology, it spearheads innovation, accelerating AI research and transforming complex simulations into tangible insights. This powerhouse GPU excels in deep learning training, inference, and high-performance computing, boasting exceptional benchmarks and memory capacities that redefine computational possibilities. It stands as a beacon of advancement, democratizing GPU-accelerated power and steering us into an era where autonomous systems and groundbreaking discoveries become the norm. The A100 PCIe marks the dawn of a new automated future, where intelligence and efficiency converge to redefine the boundaries of innovation.


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